Difference In Addition: DNA that makes the difference

Difference iN Addition (DNA) aims to intervene in the present, with eyes to the future.

For this reason, the culture promoted relies on digital innovation being a pivotal tool through which to intervene in organizational and managerial development processes.

For those who work within organizations and intend to embrace the principles of enhancing diversity and people management, it is essential to also adapt to the specific needs of the current times: think, for example, of the explosion of Smart Working as a consequence of the emergency COVID-19 and the main European development lines (Agenda 2030), which see the world of work increasingly characterized by the use of digital tools. For this reason, the training offered to the managers of the partner companies will be focused on the development of digital skills and digital tools, designed for organizational needs derived from the sharing and development of good practices of diversity and inclusion.

The Executive Course HR DDT and the Talent Center follows this logic: the purpose of the laboratory is the establishment of a setting that facilitates training in which learning phases will alternate with co-design of a digital tool useful to support the HR processes and diversity programs implemented in participating companies; the Talent Center, on the other hand, is in itself a digital tool useful for facilitating the meeting between job supply and demand, through different methods of contact and interaction, with the aim of enhancing differences and skills.

Furthermore, through dedicated webinars and integrated communication strategies, DNA intends to use digital tools and channels for the sharing and development of ideas, contents and good practices aimed at spreading the culture of diversity and starting an ethical process of greater dissemination of inclusive business models.