Promotion of the corporate representation

DNA can fully promote the image of a company participating in the project and invest in the management of diversity. Describing and promoting corporate diversity management is not only a process that increases the visibility and reputation of the company (also positioning it in an area of clear social responsibility), but it also has a positive impact on other companies of the same sector or other. Indeed, it becomes a best practice that can initiate a virtuous process of greater dissemination of inclusive business models.

Image and substance: stand out with DNA

Joining DNA means investing in the management of diversity, supporting and promoting diversity management inside and outside your organization through shared resources and customized solutions. With DNA consultancy, corporate and social responsibility expands its reach and finds new resources and new allies. The ideas generated and the best practices implemented become a further driving force for the authority and reputation of the organization in its ability to create a welcoming environment for talent and for the creation of innovation. Inclusive business and organizational models are those that propagate, influence each other and bring greater social impact and value to the business of those who adopt them.

Communication consultancy

DNA supports Communication and Reputation for the Diversity & Inclusion strategies and activities of the partners. Here are the tools we make available to organizations:



– Communication plans to promote the company through the values it puts into practice

– Dedicated social channels through which members will be able to circulate valuable and existential messages close to the organization and promote individual stories and best practices

– Media mobilisation to promote the project’s activities and innovations through partner companies, coherently embedded within public debate on the issues of competence

– Content Creation to attract interest through figures considered as influencers in the sector



– Branding and marketing for companies that put good practices into action through the DNA project

– Awareness to increase the visibility of the companies participating in the project through the development of partnerships and links with academic and research institutions, promotion of the diversity network made up of project members and participation in events organized by the project – Authority to increase awareness of diversity issues through new storytelling models, testimonials, influencers capable of making the communication intervention effective

You can count on DNA to:


Strengthen cultural values within the organization


Promote the image of the company


Attract qualified personnel


Improve the motivation and efficiency of the workforce


Stimulate capacity for innovation and creativity